Living in Blomberg.

Living in Blomberg.

Discover the benefits.

Blomberg - the small, attractive town lying between the Teutoburg Forest and the River Weser invites you to visit and to stay.

Blomberg means…

... a great deal of historical substance:

With over 700 years of history, 160 listed buildings, an old city wall, many ensembles of rural buildings, the only town gate still existing in Lippe and magnificent streets, Blomberg and its districts are a historical feast for the eyes.

... high-tech and Industry 4.0:

With Phoenix Contact, Blomberg houses the headquarters of a company with over 12,000 employees. Phoenix Contact is a world market leader in electrical and electronic connection and automation technology.

...18 vibrant districts:

The previously independent villages, which were incorporated into Blomberg in 1970, have preserved and deepened their own individual character. They are adorable communities where the living is good, which complement Blomberg just like ‘salt in the soup'.

… a wide range retail trade and local supermarkets:

These days, a town without local supermarkets and an agile retail trade is inconceivable. Blomberg has both and we make every effort to ensure that this remains the case.

… festive highlights that enchant the town every year:

The large town centre marksmen’s fair, the carnation festival with the ‘Blumencorso’ flower parade, the potato festival, the art wall and the many village festivals are events that always provide colourful diversity and a festive atmosphere.

... friendly people:

The Lippers are generally thought to be stubborn. But who is to say people who are restrained at first are unfriendly. Give the Blombergers a chance first!

... a wonderful surrounding area:

Gently rolling hills and sweeping views into the Blomberg Basin invite you to take a hike along the 42 kilometre long “Nelkenweg” (‘Carnation Way’) through the districts of Blomberg and the urban forest.

...Blomberg has all of this and much more ---- A small town with everything!