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Education in Blomberg

The town of Blomberg is ideally positioned in terms of its educational offers for children, young people and adults.

In the centre of the Carnation Town there are the “Rasselbande”, “Renntwete”, “Zwergenland”, “Steinkuhle” and “Zauberblume” childcare centres and a child protection agency shelter and nurseries are available in the districts of Istrup, Donop, Tintrup, Brüntrup, Großenmarpe and Reelkirchen.

There are the “am Weinberg” primary schools in the centre of the town and others in the districts in Großenmarpe and Reelkirchen.

Blomberg also offers secondary schools: Older children can choose between various forms of secondary school, from the Pestalozzi school to the Hermann Vochting Grammar School.

In addition to formal education, various other points of contact are provided for children and young people including the youth centre and the youth cellar, where they can make new friends and spend their leisure time in a worthwhile manner.

The same applies for the elderly, who can go to various meeting places and spend time together. Furthermore, thanks to the Lippe-Ost VHS (adult education centre), many adults get the chance of education and further training by means of a variety of courses.

The Blomberg School Centre. Modern learning landscape in the middle of greenery.

In 2013, the following primary schools were attended daily by a total of 597 pupils: