Companies and the economy

Companies and the economy

The Blomberg economic structure is characterised by a happy mix of trade, commerce and industry. While owner-managed businesses present their varied offers in the town centre, several large-scale markets in close proximity to the city offer the best opportunities for urban shopping.

With the 'Flachsmarkt', 'Nederlandpark' und 'Feldohlentrup’ business parks, the ‘Carnation Town’ can offer excellent opportunities for commercial settlement of almost every size with optimal traffic connections to Federal Road (Bundesstraße 1) and to the East Westphalia road (Ostwestfalenstraße).

The headquarters of Phoenix Contact, an internationally-active company whose electronics products have been sought after for over 90 years, are to be found in the Flachsmarkt business park. Phoenix Contact has over 50 subsidiaries and approximately 30 agencies in Europe and overseas. More than 4500 employees are employed at the site in Blomberg alone, and worldwide there are approximately 14,500 employees.

Alongside Phoenix Contact GmbH, Synflex Elektro GmbH, Delignit AG and Oskar Lehmann GmbH&Co KG count among the main companies in and around Blomberg. While Synflex develops and sells products for electric motors and transformer production at its headquarters, its German locations, and at several subsidiaries in both Europe and China, the traditional company Delignit produces wood-based materials, which are used, among other things, as floor panels in Formula 1 racing cars and ICE train carriages. In the Blomberg district of Donop, the company OL-Oskar Lehmann has, over the course of its over 50-year-old existence, made an excellent name for itself in the areas of mould-making and plastics processing. A large number of trading and crafts enterprises of all genres complement the Blomberg economic portfolio to create an excellent overall package.

With its broad economic structure, Blomberg offers numerous opportunities for vocational training and career planning.

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