Economic promotion

Economic promotion

Economic promotion

ECONOMIC PROMOTION - is written large in Blomberg

With Mayor Klaus Geise, the concerns of local companies with their employees fell on open ears.

“In my work, I put great emphasis on functioning and non-bureaucratic economic promotion. It is only in this way that my primary goal, the protection of the quality of life as well as the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants in our city will succeed," - Klaus Geise.

The four main objectives for the city’s business are:

  • To improve local operational conditions.
  • To create a broad economic structure in terms of sectors.
  • To ensure the expansion of employment opportunities.
  • To increase the financial strength of the city.

These objectives are to be achieved by means of:

  • improving the infrastructure,
  • the currently resident companies being looked after and further developed,
  • activities and measures being taken to focus directly on the establishment of new businesses.

In 2006, the Trade & Industry Club in Bielefeld awarded the town of Blomberg first prize for economic promotion in a competition of the 76 towns and municipalities in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, and, with the award of the “Golden Steamroller”, honoured it as the most future-ready municipality in the region.

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