Working in Blomberg

Working in Blomberg

This business location is developing continuously.

Blomberg - the small, attractive town lying between the Teutoburg Forest and the River Weser invites you to visit and to stay.

Working in Blomberg means...

... solid craftsmanship and an innovative middle class:

From the timber industry to mechanical engineering via plastics technology, Blomberg offers a versatile mix of trades in both modern industrial and commercial areas.

... high-tech and Industry 4.0:

With Phoenix Contact, Blomberg houses the headquarters of a company with over 12,000 employees. Phoenix Contact is a world market leader in electrical and electronic connection and automation technology.

... a wide range of retail trade and local supermarkets:

These days, a town without local supermarkets and an agile retail trade is inconceivable. Blomberg has both and we make every effort to ensure that this remains the case.

... a complete educational offer and family and career compatibility:

From pre-school care through to grammar school, Blomberg provides an educational offer that satisfies all modern requirements and which has family and career compatibility as its particular focus.

... an active society scene:

The societies on offer range from the carrier-pigeon association through to the golf club. There is something for everyone here, who wants to enjoy his or her hobby with others in a club of some kind.

... friendly people:

The Lippers are generally thought to be stubborn. But who is to say people who are restrained at first are unfriendly. Give the Blombergers a chance first!

... a wonderful surrounding area:

Gently rolling hills and sweeping views into the Blomberg Basin invite you to take a hike along the 42 kilometre long “Nelkenweg” (‘Carnation Way’) through the districts of Blomberg and the urban forest.

... Blomberg has all of this and much more ---- A small town with everything!